Comrie Development Trust

32-34 Drummond Street, Comrie, PH6 2DW

Contact Person: Claire Mullan

Phone number: 01764 670769

Email address:


Aims and Objectives:

At the start of the 21st century, we believe that every community needs to prepare for the challenges that lie ahead. We need to look at how we become more self-sufficient; how we move about; provide energy, food and workspace; how we entertain ourselves and look after each other. In other words, how we build a resilient community for the 21st century. 

Our aim:

To enable and assist individuals and groups in Comrie to make their dreams come true in Sports and Entertainment, Rural Arts and Crafts, Business Marketing and Manufacture and to make the purchased land resources of the village available, accessible and useable to this end.

Our principles are to:

  • Work closely with local people, groups and businesses
  • Capture and build community passion, enthusiasm, ideas and skills
  • Promote quality in everything that we do
  • Keep our £ local
  • Ensure every aspect of our work is financially and environmentally sustainable
  • Keep our eye on the future whilst learning from the past