Strathmore Centre for Youth Development (SCYD)

Wellmeadow House, Gas Brae, Blairgowrie, PH10 6TU

Contact Person: Teresa Donaldson

Phone number: 01250 872121

Email address: 


Aims and Objectives:

SCYD is an award winning charity based in Blairgowrie. We are a one stop shop for information & Services to serve all young people in the Strathmore & Gelens area. Our aim is to empower young people, encourage active citizenship through volunteering and highlight the benefits this has to young people and the community as a whole, encourage healthy lifestyles and engage with disengaged young people by involving them in the decison making process. SCYD offers free advice on varous issues such as, debt & money worries , family problems, school issues , health,housing and employment and many more problems young people face. The most important thing about SCYD is that it is led by young people to give other young people a better say in what they want in their community to improve the quality of life for all residents.